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Our Story

The world is hectic enough as it is. 

So what if we could eliminate some of the hurdles that keep us from achieving things like better health, overcoming mental blocks, and rising up in our careers?

That was our thought when we realized there was a disconnect between people wanting to reach their goals and actually being able to reach them, whether it was due to lack of time, resources, or knowledge.

You shouldn’t battle to book a coach you click with or worry if you’ll be able to make the weekly crosstown trip for those appointments. Nor should you be limited to professionals in your city or be stuck in a cycle of 5-minute consultations because you can’t find a practitioner to thoroughly assess and address the root cause of what’s ailing you.

Not too long ago, we reached a point where it felt like we just weren’t hitting our stride. After some digging, it turned out to be because we’d placed more weight on certain areas of our lives while allowing some of our other needs to become nice-to-haves. And we weren’t alone—many of our friends and peers felt the same way.

For us, it was a combination of being stuck in blind spots, not having anyone to keep us accountable and motivated on the days we most needed the support, and reaching a comfortable plateau.

But once we began investing in ourselves and working with experts, we saw just how powerful of an impact it had on every level of our lives.

The message was clear:

If you want to prioritise your success and well-being, you need to maintain a balance between the mind, body, soul, and spirit. 

The truth is, we are greater than the sum of our parts. And true well-being stems from nurturing every part of our lives: 

  • having a sense of purpose

  • maintaining good mental, physical, and emotional health

  • fulfilling long-term goals (both personal and professional)

  • managing and reducing stress

  • having healthy relationships

  • feeling confident and in control while navigating the world

We worked with a career coach, functional medicine practitioner, therapist, and personal trainer. This wasn’t the time for a masterclass or self-help book—we wanted personalised 1:1 help with real-time guidance. Hours were spent scouring the web and doing research to make sure that each person not only had the proper credentials but was someone we could trust and align with. 

While we didn’t regret the journey, the actual process of finding each resource was overwhelming, time-consuming, and inefficient.

Which got us thinking:

Wouldn’t it be great if you could meet with your coach from the comfort of your couch, or get fitness training from an instructor across the country? And wouldn’t it be even better if you could find all of those experts in one place, with the reassurance that they were the real deal and not someone simply dabbling?

We wanted others (like you!) to have the same positive outcomes we’d experienced, minus all of the roadblocks that can hinder, or even derail, the process.

This is why we created Wonder Source: an online community that connects individuals like you with experts and coaches who have been carefully sourced and vetted to help with your personal and professional growth, no matter where you are (literally and figuratively!).

We’ve made the entire experience easier for you and eliminated the apprehension that often comes with finding trusted sources online. Less time spent on admin means more time spent on yourself.

Our hope is that through Wonder Source, you find a powerful and positive space for your transformation and gain the confidence to ask for help.

All you need is an internet connection and the willingness to see the value of investing in yourself. We’ve done the rest for you. 

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