Yannick Jacob

Existential Coach, Positive Psychologist, Former MSc Programme Leader

London, UK

Choose life!

I partner with clients to help them navigate their lives and careers, make big decisions, embrace their human condition in all its beautiful and challenging facets and - ultimately - be happy :)


60 mins




Yannick Jacob

Yannick Jacob is an Existential Coach (MA), Positive Psychologist (MSc), Coach Trainer & Supervisor, Mediator (conflict resolution) and the former Programme Leader of the MSc Coaching Psychology at the University of East London. He works with coaches, leaders and anybody who considers themselves in a "position of great responsibility" to gain clarity, make choices, build resilience and navigate their life and/or business. Yannick believes in balance, values a strong sense of awareness (self & others), he loves to make people think more deeply and he's passionate about helping his clients develop the courage to live and lead across the full spectrum of the human experience, from the organisational to the personal. Since 2008 Yannick has explored happiness, optimal human functioning and all things wellbeing (MSc Applied Positive Psychology) as well as the depths and complexities of the human condition and how they show up for people, particularly in the coaching room (MA Existential Coaching). Yannick is a facilitator and course consultant for the internationally renowned Positive Psychology Practitioner Certificate and teaches at The School of Life. He’s delivered executive coaching programmes to clients in New York and San Francisco, developed a unique programme for positive-existential leadership and has his finger on the pulse of the forefront of science. Yannick presents at conferences internationally and his book, An Introduction to Existential Coaching: How Philosophy can Help Your Clients Live and Work with Greater Awareness, Courage and Ownership, is out now via Routledge. Learn more about Yannick, his work and his philosophy at www.existential.coach or his supervision and training arm www.RocketSupervision.com.


2011 – present: Coach, Trainer, Supervisor, Mediator & Change Agent - Private Practice 

2014 – present: Associate Executive Coach - Goalspriing, New York 

2015 – present: Course Lead - Animas Centre for Coaching 

2015 – 2018: Programme Leader MSc Coaching Psychology - University of East London 

2013 – 2018: University Lecturer - University of East London 

2013 – 2015: Director - Push Culture 

2010 – 2014: Positive Education Specialist & Personal Consultant - Personal Well-Being Centre 

2013 – 2014: Mediator; Narrative mediation – Common Ground: East London Mediation 

2012 – 2014: Co-Mediator & Volunteer – Faith-based conflict resolution, BIMA Group, UK 

2010 – 2013: Co-Founder & Creative Director -  YouSpots.com

Relevant Credentials:

  • MA Existential Coaching, MSc Applied Positive Psychology
  • DIP Coaching Supervision
  • CERT Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • BSc Psychology
  • CERT Existential Group Work

How I can help:

Life is beautiful, exhilarating and full of possibilities; and it’s also complex, challenging and inherently uncertain. Every day is an opportunity to make choices that will change our lives forever – yet too often we remain ignorant or apprehensive. We just love being comfortable & peaceful. The thing is that those who make the most out of their time on this planet, the ones we look up to as having really lived, they allow themselves to experience the whole spectrum of what life has to offer – “good” and “bad”, pleasant and uncomfortable, success and failure, happiness and anxiety. To not merely endure life, but to enjoy it in all its facets, that‘s what I call “a life well lived”. And it’s a choice away.  Living life in this way takes courage, a high degree of self-awareness, a solid shield of existential resilience and a particular set of skills. It takes a positive yet realistic attitude and to re-think your concept of happiness and success, away from never-ending comfort. Life is never going to be easy. But with positive psychology, a strong philosophy and the right coach by your side, you can make all the difference.  My clients come to me to make changes, maximize their potential, become more successful, develop resilience against all the shit that’s coming their way, to feel more present and more fulfilled, connect with a sense of meaning and purpose, resolve conflicts within and with others, to make difficult life and business decisions, or generally to understand, explore and ponder what life is all about. Some of these require a journey, some only a brief intervention.  To help you get what you want I use a range of services (my professional hats) such as 1:1 coaching, supervision & Rocket Supervision (my signature approach), coaching skills training, happiness workshops & education, conflict resolution (mediation) and a unique development programme for what I call people in positions of great responsibility (typically leaders of organisations).

What to expect:

My coaching is always tailored to what will be of best value to you. During our first meeting we will agree on the best way to work together so that you can be sure you're getting what you need and tap into how you best learn.

  • Languages:  English, German
  • This will be a virtual session based on GMT timezone
  • You will need a wifi connection, audio (headphones), video capabilities for best results

Tips before the call:

Tune in to what it is you're looking to achieve or avoid. Imagine yourself 6 months from now having successfully worked through whatever it is that's in between where or who you are now and where or who you want to be. Imagine that future and take some time to imagine you're there. I'll be asking you about that (and don't worry if it's blurry, we can work on that together). I'm looking forward to meeting you! :)


“Having Yannick as my coach has dramatically improved my work and personal life. Within just a few sessions, I had already leaped past hurdles that I had put in my way for years! His clear, rational perspective can help anybody see that some of our perceived weaknesses are actually our unique strengths. I always look forward to my coaching session with my Yannick and absolutely vouch for him."   Yannick has enabled and empowered me to shape my personal life and career in ways I didn’t realize were possible. He is my trusted coach; equally compassionate and brilliant.  On a personal level, I have fostered stronger relationships with the people I care about and have unlocked resources that have afforded me the financial security I had dreamed of. Yannick’s ability to help me take control of my career has perhaps been the most life changing.  With coaching, I have propelled myself into my dream career as the Head of Diversity of Inclusion at a global company. I am practicing mindfulness, vulnerability, and purpose on a daily basis; and it’s enabled me to have the power, ownership, and support to further my career and life purpose.  Coaching will be an important, on-going part of my life and I am thrilled to tell others about my positive experiences with Yannick."   - Steven Huang, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Culture Amp, San Francisco

"Yannick is a fantastic supervisor and coach. Incredibly knowledgable, compassionate, attentive – and also fun to work with. The amount of training and studying he has done clearly shows in his coaching. It’s been an absolute pleasure to have been coached by him!"   - Nick Hatter, Leading Life Coach in London

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