Rose Bonham Carter

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner

London, UK

Rose Bonham Carter

Free Yourself

Remove deep ingrained limiting beliefs and traumas


60 mins




Rose Bonham Carter

Rose holds a non-judgemental and grounded space for clients whilst guiding them into the mysteries of their subconscious for deep empowered and transformational healing.  Her journey with healing and spirit began early in life through her own embodied experiences.  Guided by her teacher Annie Penny from Sacred Earth and the College of Psychic Studies she studied EFT and other healing arts which became the catalyst for her deepening interest in the human experience and spirit.   


Rose is currently the in-house practitioner at Lifespace Healing in Notting Hill, London and she studied sacred sexuality at temple arts schools in India, CR, and Iceland, cementing her understanding of the relationship between sexuality, spirituality, and self-sovereignty. From here she was empowered to bring forth her pioneering work, offering guidance and expertise in her client's bespoke healing journeys.

Relevant Credentials:

  • Tantric Body de armouring Andrew Barnes, London (2018)

  • Reiki 1 +2 with Torsten Lang, The Reiki Academy, London (2016 & 2018)

  • EFT 1 + 2 with Annie Penny, Sacred Earth, Gloucestershire (2016 & 2018)

  • Temple Arts SS1 International School of Sacred Temple Arts  

  • Temple Arts SS2 international School of Sacred Temple Arts

  • ISTA Practitioner Training

  • ISTA Level 2 SSI, Iceland (2019)

  • ISTA Assisting level 1 SSE, Devon, Uk (2019)

  • ISTA Level 1, Goa India (2018)

How I can help:

Each session is unique to the client. Guided by your intention and responding to the needs of each moment, we receive whatever arises and allow it to move us. My work is gender inclusive, trauma-informed and judgment free  I work to help unravel the deeply ingrained traumas and limiting beliefs you hold. 

We gently uncover the root to triggers, beliefs and patterns that do not serve you to transform the way you think and move through life. This is deeply powerful work.

What to expect:

  • Languages: English

  • This will be a virtual session based on GMT timezone

  • You will need a wifi connection, audio (headphones) video capabilities for best results

  • A quite space where you will be undisturbed for the session

  • Please have a pen and paper, a glass of water and tissues close at hand

Tips before the call:

Take some time to reflect and write down the following:

  • What are five things in your life that you would rather forget?


"I first tried EFT with Rose after a bout of anxiety and whilst struggling to fit into a certain situation. In the midst of trying to discover a remedy to the way my body and mind were behaving, I sought out Rose who offered me an EFT session. It was wonderful, she changed my surroundings, removed stigmas from within and gave me the space to see things clearly when I most needed them. In one small session, I was able to delve deeper into my past than I could ever have possibly envisaged and learned more about myself than I really knew. She's amazing!" 

- Ollie, Musician

"Rose holds a comfortable yet incredibly powerful space in which she guided me through past life experiences. Through her use of imagery, we were able to clear the emotional charge from the memory, bringing a huge sense of relief and clarity; I could finally understand the root of anxiety I’d battled with for years. I felt I could be my most vulnerable self as I was held in safe, understanding and non-judgemental hands. I noticed an enormous shift in energy and knew it was the start of a long-awaited healing journey." - Georgia, Yoga Teacher and Coach

Keywords / Areas of Focus:

Sexual Wellbeing, Trauma, Limiting Beliefs , Shame and Anger, EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique

Cancellation policy

Any booking can be cancelled and fully refunded prior to 24 hours of the first meeting. Following that, bookings are non-refundable.

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