Mike Hohnen

Leadership Coach

Marseille, France

Mike Hohnen

Leadership Coach

Leadership coaching that will make your life easier and a lot more fun


60 mins




Mike Hohnen

I believe that: 

- A high performing team is all about engagement. This is especially true in the services industries where engagement is the ultimate key to the customer experience. 

- At any level, the team leader is crucial to creating this engagement. (Most managers, including the CEO, are also team leaders—never forget that.)  

- Engagement is produced by leadership more than management - good managers are not necessarily also great leaders.  

- Leadership is a learned skill that requires action, feedback and reflection iterated until you get it right. - Coaching is the most effective way to work though that process


The first 25 years of my professional life was spent as a manager in the hospitality and service industries. My key takeaway was that the team leader is crucial to individual motivation and engagement.  The past 15 years I have spent helping large organisations develop their leadership skills at all levels. Clients include Select Service Partner, Tivoli Gardens, Liseberg Amusement Park. Elis Laundry Services as well as a large number of Hotels.


I hold an MBA in service management and have been certified as executive coach, action learning facilitator and team management systems facilitator. I am recognised as an expert on implementing the Service Profit Chain.

Relevant Credentials:

  • Action Learning Facilitator TMSDI - Profile. 

  • IMC, MBA (1998 – 2001)

  • Graduate of Barefoot Coaching Global Leadership Profile, Barefoot Coaching UK, Field Of StudyBusiness and Personal Coaching (2014 – 2014) - University accredited, ICF approved (ACTP) and endorsed by the National Council of Psychotherapists.

  • Design Thinking, Barcelona (2014 – 2014)

How I can help:

Have you ever come home after a tough day and thought to yourself:  

There has got to be an easier way?  

As the leader you  strive to get things done  - there are tasks, targets and deadlines to  meet.  But some days all your efforts  just feel like you are herding cats. When that happens it’s exhausting and incredibly frustrating.  

I can help you to get off the dance floor and onto the balcony.  From there we can better understand what is going on and make a plan of how to make your life easier, fun and much more rewarding.  

You will be surprised how quickly things can improve.  

You are encouraged to phone or email me at any time between sessions with questions, notes on progress, etc.  I will respond as soon as possible.

What to expect:

I will: Be absolutely straight, honest and authentic with you - without losing my sense of humour   Make sure we stay on track and hold you to your agenda and desired  outcomes Take risks, swing out from time to time and ask you the hard questions. Speak frankly and without attachment, in service to your growth and  learning - you may not always appreciate that in the moment. That is part of your growth curve.

Tips before the call:

Bring your own agenda, your wants and needs to each session. Take a few minutes before your call to settle in and prepare yourself. Try to be in a place where you are comfortable, can concentrate and will not be disturbed or otherwise distracted for the scheduled length of your session. This time is completely dedicated to you, your growth, learning and action.  It is for you and only you.


“I have used Mike for the past ten years in coaching and training my management teams to reach the highest level of service and obtain the best leadership skills – and it works." Dorte Gleie  - Managing Director, Select Service Partner

"The personal coaching sessions develop the perspectives of my thoughts. Input from research and the valuable personal experience from Mike gives me the confidence to take actions. The quality conversations we have energise me and help me a lot in my leadership challenges." Annika Vilen Projectchef, Liseberg Amusement Park

Keywords / Areas of Focus:

leadership, team leaders, coaching, business coaching, executive coaching, career coaching

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