Lucy Hackshaw

Leadership & Entrepreneur Coach

London, UK

Refuse anxiety as a lifestyle.

Embrace change, go with flux.


90 mins




Lucy Hackshaw

All my employed life I experienced controlling top-down leadership. When I became an entrepreneur, I vowed never to lead that way. A year on, reacting to the threat of uncertainty, I found myself exhibiting the same leadership traits I fought to resist. Every leader I asked, in every industry, felt it too. I had a vision it could be radically different, so set up Flux to lead the way. Powered by cutting-edge scientific research, Flux was born to coach leaders to thrive in uncertainty and embrace the lightening pace of 21st century business.


Beginning her career in journalism, Lucy realised her first career goal at publishing heavyweight Condé Nast, as Lifestyle Editor. Refusing to accept the status quo, next up was an entrepreneurial goal, which saw Lucy found start-up, creative retail agency, Seen Displays. Lucy successfully grew this to a turnover of £5m inside four years, and exited to invest in her next idea. Forging a third career in as many decades, Lucy’s tenacity, resilience and desire to solve human problems led her to leadership coaching.


In Jan 2019, after qualifying as a coach with leading executive education school Meyler Campbell, Lucy founded Flux. Powered by cutting-edge scientific research, Flux was born to coach leaders to optimize their cognitive potential, thrive in uncertainty and embrace the lightening pace of 21st century business.


Her empathy and perceptiveness make Lucy highly skilled at guiding people towards identifying their personal strengths, and her natural optimism and humanity inspire both bravery and resilience in her clients. Lucy’s passion for continuous learning allows her to ensure that her work is ever effective and critically relevant.

Relevant Credentials:

  • Meyler Campbell, Mastered Programme™ (2018)

  • Bucks College Group, Level 3 Counselling Skills (2017-2018)

  • University of Reading, BA Hons Applied English Language

How I can help:

  • I help leaders make sense of chronic burnout symptoms (overload > anxiety > fatigue) and displace it with curiosity for accelerated growth

  • I reflect reoccurring patterns and help people course correct for good

  • The safe, judgement free space I create offers infinite resourcefulness and a space to practice 'learner agility' - reported the single most important leadership quality for the lightening pace of 21st century business

What to expect:

  • Languages:  English

  • This will be a virtual session based on GMT timezone

  • You will need a wifi connection, audio (headphones) ,video capabilities for best results 

  • You will receive a session feedback email within 24 hours

Tips before the call:

  • You own the agenda, so come with an area, goal, topic you want to be coached on

  • No ideas are too ambitious or too complex, bring all of it


“I didn’t appreciate the power of a coach until I met Lucy. The way in which Lucy works gave me access to someone who guides without directing, inspires without showing, and most importantly helps process massive career change.” (Scale-up Solopreneur)

"Lucy was very insightful, she picked up on things I hadn’t seen that were holding me back. Her style was compassionate and impactful – she seemed unafraid of holding me accountable. Most importantly, she helped me access my curiosity – which I didn’t realise was there. I would highly recommend Lucy!” (Corporate CEO)

Keywords / Areas of Focus:

Career advice, Coaching. Impact, Make a difference, Know your impact, Leave a legacy, Course correcting, Burnout, Adrenal fatigue, Responsible leadership

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