Ste Lane

Holistic Health Coach

Pennsylvania, USA

Take your Health to the next level!

Personalized nutrition, organic movement and cognitive fitness


60 mins


$125 (USD)


Ste Lane

A life long martial artist, back-packer, entrepreneur, coach and lover of all things health, wellness and personal development, Ste spends his time coaching others on the keys to unlocking their true human potential. Ste's mission is simple. Help people that want to optimize their entire human experience so that they can show up in life as the best version of themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.


My main motivation for diving into health coaching, was the result of seeing people close to me sick. I lost many family members early on in my life to illness, specifically, cancer. They were taken far too young and this left a lingering question that I wanted to find an answer to....why? Why do some people have this “bad luck” with health? Doctors and conventional wisdom tells us that  your risk of developing a life threatening disease such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's, diabetes etc are largely down to genetic predispositions. Essentially “you have bad genes”. Hearing this, as a person growing up in a family with a long history of disease, was most worrying and subsequently led me down the path of discovery, in an attempt to overcome the odds that were seemingly stacked against me.

The more I read and scratched beyond the surface, the more questions I asked, the more apparent it became that there is a much bigger picture to this conundrum we call health. There was a reoccurring theme at the root of all these diseases of modern living  - what we are putting in our mouths. I started to understand food as more than just something we eat...more that just “fuel”. Food is information! And every bite of food we take can either upgrade or downgrade our biological systems. Upon realizing the power of this I began to feel that I was no longer at the mercy of my genes, and could stack the odds very much in my favor!

Genes may load the gun but your environment pulls the trigger - and YOU are in charge of your environment!

For the first time ever I felt fully in control of my own health. The power was in MY hands, all that I had to do was embody everything that I was learning. I had started to amass a lot of applicable knowledge in the nutrition field. I was well on my way to unlocking a life of longevity, effortless weight control and optimal human performance. I had to do some personal discovery and find my own path before I was ready to embark on a career as a health coach, passing on this knowledge and life advice to others.

Throughout this time I was competing at a high level in Mixed Martial Arts and even picked up an amateur title along the way. I felt that the edge I had on my peers in competition was my knowledge and application of optimal nutritional protocols, cognitive fitness coaching, lifestyle hacks, and a deep understanding of the human body, acquired through my university education in sports therapy and extensive personal training experience.

We are all on different paths, facing different challenges and hurdles in life but we all want to live a happy and healthy life. Maybe we have even tried in the past, sometimes numerous times, yet we have fallen short. I now spend my time helping people to find their path, tackle their challenges and unlock their full potential so that they can show up in life as the best version of themselves physically, menatlly and spiritually!

Sooner or later your health will become your number one priority - here is to making your health a priority now!

Relevant Credentials:

  • BS(c) Sports Therapist 
  • Primal Health Coach Institute 
  • Onnit Academy Coach 
  • Animal Flow Instructor 
  • Mindfulness Educator

How I can help:

During our call we will work together to optimize your particular area of interest, addressing your current challenges and limiting beliefs, whilst laying out the necessary lifestyle strategies that you can begin implementing immediately, in order to bring your health, performance and happiness, in line with your desired best self.

What to expect:

  • Languages: English
  • This will be a virtual session based on GMT -5 timezone
  • Phone or audio calls, you will need a wifi connection, audio (headphones) ,video capabilities for best results
  • You will recieve a breakdown and action items of our call within 24 hours, plus any supplemarty information/resources that would be helpful given your goals and challenges

Tips before the call:

Come ready to show up for yourself. This call is about becoming the best version of you.  Bring that commitment with you.


"I remember my last session with Ste, sitting there telling him how blown away I was about how I felt inside and out. I hadn't felt "normal" in 4 years!! 4 YEARS! The tears ran down my face because he helped me regain my life; which I had lost hope on. This was so much more than IBD pain or weight Plateaus... I felt alive again!   I would do this experience 1000x over and over. You get so much more than you pay for! And my health and happiness are worth every penny!" - Nikki, USA.

"My weekly check-ins with Ste are a game changer and my my favorite part of working with him. Ste truly cares about his clients and does his best to listen, be flexible, and understand you. I’ve worked with many coaches in differing realms and by far this was the most rewarding coaching relationship - Truly the one experience I walked away from thoroughly satisfied with the experience, every time." - Erica, USA

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