Elisa Reale

Certified Hypnotherapist

Mississauga, CA

Elisa Reale

Hypnotherapy to unlock the power of your mind

Release old habits & beliefs to step into your highest self


60 mins




Elisa Reale

My journey with hypnosis started when I tried it myself. I was working in my business and seeing some success here and there but knew that I was capable of so much more, knew that I had many limiting beliefs holding me back from truly stepping into my power. I was working so hard but felt like nothing I was doing was clicking.  Fast forward to a few hypnosis sessions later and I was on fire! I had a new felt confidence and motivation and nothing could stop me. Seeing the amazing results in myself, I started to do research more on hypnosis, purely out of curiosity, and ended up getting certified as a hypnotherapist. I started using hypnosis on my existing business coaching clients, friends, and family and could not believe their results either!  I have since been hooked to the magic that happens when we take control of our thoughts, beliefs, and unlock the infinite power of our mind. I want to share these amazing gifts I’ve learned with the world so that you too can step into your higher self, the one that you know you are meant to be.


With a background in psychology and business coaching, Elisa noticed how mindset was the #1 factor in her business coaching clients' success and how powerful hypnosis was with creating a mindset for success.  Elisa has used the power of hypnosis to shift people's unconscious beliefs about business, money, weight loss, depression and anxiety, to help them step into their highest self and see their own unlimited potential, all using the power of your own mind.

Relevant Credentials:

  • Complete Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Certification Diploma

  • Complementary Therapists Accredited Association

How I can help:

Release old habits and limiting beliefs blocking you from stepping into your highest self. Will power and conscious thought.

What to expect:

  • Languages: English

  • This will be a virtual session based on EST timezone

  • You will need a wifi connection, audio (headphones),video capabilities for best results

  • You will receive a session feedback email within 24 hours

Tips before the call:

Before you hypnosis session I would love to book a complimentary consultation to learn about you and what's holding you back. Please come to the call open and honest, knowing this is a safe place, where any and all questions are welcomed.


"I've never felt so empowered before! The other day I was recording a video of myself and in the middle of a sentence I thought, whoa - who is this person, I love her, she's amazing and where did she come from seemingly out of nowhere so quickly? I was talking about myself! Hypnosis with Elisa was the catalyst for my quantum leap and all of the new changes I have implemented." -Kayon Wilson

"I feel completely different, like my decision-making process around food has changed in a way that it never has before. I feel in control of myself for the first time maybe ever.  I haven’t had the desire to eat any junk food since and it’s not because it’s like this magic spell, I just feel like something clicked different in my head during our session and I’m so happy we did it. I’ve already lost 2.5 pounds which is what I said I wanted to lose per week and I’m so much happier."  -Reema Sbeit

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Cancellation policy

Any booking can be cancelled and fully refunded prior to 24 hours of the first meeting. Following that, bookings are non-refundable.

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